Working From Home: How to Stay Productive

 Working From Home: How to Stay Productive

Working from home may seem pretty enticing. After all, you can wear your pajamas as you answer emails and tune into conferences. Plus, you have constant access to your own bathroom, kitchen, and couch. The truth is, working from home can be challenging if you don’t set some ground rules.

Create a Schedule

When you work from home, treat your workday as similarly to your original working conditions as possible. Sticking to your schedule will help you maintain productivity as you separate your workday and personal day.

Create a Workspace

Designate a space for work. It will be the place you go when performing important tasks such as making calls and attending video conferences. While you don’t have to stay in your workspace for your entire workday, it can serve as your home base and be the area where you store your work resources.

Create Boundaries

When you work where you live, it can be difficult for family members to understand you have a job to do. This means you should clearly communicate your needs while you work from home. If you need a quiet space to be productive, let your family know and stay isolated during working hours. You may also have some sort of signal to show those you live with you are in working mode, such as being in a designated space or wearing headphones. Additionally, it is important to distance yourself from work once your workday is complete so you can enjoy time for yourself or with your family.

Create Connections

Do what you can to stay connected to your co-workers. You can do this via conference platforms, video chats, over the phone, or through text messages. Positive interactions with co-workers can help you feel respected and valued.

As you adjust to working from home, you may find that it comes with challenges. However, you can be productive working remotely by creating a schedule, designating a workspace, setting boundaries, and staying connected with co-workers.