Go for ‘Taxi Bestellen’ instead of your Personal Car!

 Go for ‘Taxi Bestellen’ instead of your Personal Car!

Having a personal car or transport is a blessing on the surface, but it can have adverse effects if you are constantly commuting personally. From the mid-20th century, a new awareness has been raised that constant driving produces stress and results in lower life and work satisfaction in those who don’t use a taxi or other transport. To reduce the harmful effects of much driving, you should go for ‘Taxi Bestellen’ (order a taxi in English) instead of using your personal vehicle. Amsterdam Taxi Centrale can be your amazing ride for driving in and around Amsterdam.

Research shows driving causes stress

Recent research supports that driving can sometimes cause stress and fatigue, resulting in fatal accidents. A study found that people who drive 10 miles or more daily face greater chances of dealing with anxiety and depression. If you are tired of driving long-distance, it can generate a more considerable risk of accidents by affecting your driving behavior.

Why does driving cause stress?

The answer lies with the research summarized in the book “Urban Planning and Public Health,” which states that traffic jams, construction, and long-distance driving are key factors that cause stress. Specifically, drivers face the elements of unpredictability and loss of control while dealing with these stressors.

Use Taxi Amsterdam

Use our Taxi Amsterdam if you feel stressed about driving your car. Leave your transport at home. We give you reliable drivers and promise a smooth and relaxing traveling experience with our latest cars collection and professional attitude. In addition to stress, other compelling reasons to ditch your car for our taxi services include:

1. Cost maintenance

When you use your car, you are also responsible for maintaining it. Depending on your usage and other factors, your car maintenance cost can go up to $1,000 or more per year. Buying car insurance also comes into the cost equation.
With our taxi services, you only need to pay for services used, and we deal with the maintenance and insurance of the vehicle.

2. No Parking issue

Self-driving can create the ever-present worry of where to park your car properly. Using our experienced taxi drivers, you get out of this constant battle as they know all the perfect spots wherever you wish to go in the Netherlands, especially the Schiphol and Amsterdam areas.

3. The lesser burden of responsibility

Whether you are going for a business trip or a fun holiday, we provide you with a perfect car, which is drivable, well-maintained, and full of gas. It also comes with a driver. We take your burden of responsibility, giving you an ideal journey.


Amsterdam Taxi Centrale can be your partner in helping you avoid dealing with traffic anxiety. Just order our premium taxis whenever you desire.